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10 Ways To Prepare Your Backyard For a Barbe...

Jun 29, 2018
  Now that summer is finally here, it’s time for hot weather, cold drinks, and plenty of outdoor entertaining! [more]
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Protect California From Hurricanes

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

Oct 30, 2017
The slew of recent record-breaking storms throughout America has left many of us asking ourselves, could it happen [more]
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5 Ways to Fast-Track Fall Maintenance

5 Ways to Fast-Track Fall Maintenance

Aug 29, 2017
  When it comes to having a home that you’re considering renting (or already renting) ready for wintertime, ma [more]
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San Jose Property Management

Intempus Assembles New Construction Division

Aug 15, 2017
Intempus Assembles New Construction Division: Intempus Builders San Jose, California, Date – Intempus, Santa Clara’ [more]
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property management san jose ca

The Top Interior Design Trends for Spring 20...

Apr 12, 2017
2016 was a year of different interior design experiences, from hygge to copper fittings, and more. However, as the [more]
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Property Management

Intempus Begins Servicing Commercial Propert...

Feb 07, 2017
Intempus Begins Servicing Commercial Properties San Jose, California, February 7, 2017 – As 2017 continues, Intempu [more]
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